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By getting to the root of organizational problems, we offer real solutions for getting and staying organized. We see organizing as more than tossing clutter and tidying up, we see it as an inspiring journey and freedom from the “stuff” that steals our focus and joy.


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Using our unique holistic approach, we create harmonious spaces, functional systems and balance in your home & life while connecting your deepest needs and goals with your environment.

"Stephani has a real gift for turning clutter into clarity. She reimagined my space and created whole systems in my home that have already increased my effectiveness and my happiness. She is incredibly hard working, steady, energetic, and very smart. Best of all she is a dream to work with..."

Testimonial from Anne, Tallahassee

The Art of A Peaceful Home

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Overwhelmed by clutter, paper or maintaining order in your home, business or personal life? A Peaceful Home is your top resource in Tallahassee for organizing, calming and simplifying.


Our desire is to help you de-stress and create space and order among chaos for a home that supports you and your passions.