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C E R T I F I E D   P R O F E S S I O N A L   O R G A N I Z I N G

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  • decluttering

  • hands-on whole home organization

  • paper & file systems and organization

  • small space solutions

  • minimalism & simple living

  • downsizing

  • space planning

  • unpacking/setting up house

  • time management/productivity

  • maintenance and routines

  • photos and memorabilia

Clutter and chaos can have profound effects on many areas of your life. Organization can restore order in physical spaces, as well as, mentally and emotionally.

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"Stephani has a real gift for turning clutter into clarity. She reimagined my space and created whole systems in my home that have already increased my effectiveness and my happiness. She is incredibly hard working, steady, energetic, and very smart. Best of all she is a dream to work with..."

Testimonial from Anne, Tallahassee

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A Peaceful Home helps you clear clutter and create a well-organized home. By getting to the root of organizational problems, we offer real solutions for getting and staying organized! Save time, gain space and bring simplicity into your life.

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