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Ready for a custom & comprehensive plan to declutter, organize and style your home or office? We look forward to meeting you!



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Since 2009, Stephani Lipford, founder of A Peaceful Home, has served as the catalyst for a 'less is more' lifestyle. By creating focus, clients are better able to make the changes they desire in their homes and lives.


The Peaceful Home Method consists of a unique blend of decluttering, organizing and styling for simple, intuitive, and functional spaces. Plus, we design and recommend long-term solutions that save you time, money, and energy.


Welcome! As the only Certified Professional Organizer® and Home Staging Expert® in Tallahassee, I create beautiful spaces that work with your needs and style.


I love uncluttering, reinventing, and styling spaces. I've specialized in staging and organizing in Tallahassee since 2009, bringing fresh ideas and practical know-how to each project. My goal is to make everyday life easier by giving you access to what you need and by helping you live and work more efficiently.


Stephani Lipford, CPO®

Founder of A Peaceful Home



We believe having an orderly space to start and end each day plays a large part in our overall wellness and productivity. Alleviating the stress and confusion that come from piles of clutter reaches deep into people’s lives and makes wonderful things happen. We believe the things we own should not become barriers to our goals but should support them. Ultimately, a home should feel good to its inhabitants.


"If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects. They reflect one's mind and the psyche of yesterday. I throw away what has no dynamic, living use." –Anaïs Nin

"...this is real help and real on-site training for how to make your life run well. It has spilled over into my work life, too: I am using her principles in my office as well. Amazing..." 

- Anne, Tallahassee


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