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We design every project with customized storage solutions, guided decluttering, and an eye on design to bring your vision to life. We create calm from chaos for entire homes, single rooms, offices, closets, and storage areas for FUNCTIONAL + LIVABLE spaces. It's not just decluttering, we can help you do so much more!

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A Peaceful Home partners with clients who want to bring order into their home and work lives. Together we create smart spaces that reflect your current lifestyle, implement systems to keep things running smoothly and remove clutter that steals your focus and joy.


A full-service organizing studio in Tallahassee specializing in creating functional, uncluttered, and inspiring environments. Our Certified Professional Organizer® can help you attain faster, more permanent results organizing your space so you can live + work better. Join us!

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When selling your home, first impressions count. Potential buyers want a home they can envision living in. Home Staging by A Peaceful Home is the strategic marketing of your home to appeal to potential buyers.  


We look at your house through the buyer’s eyes and suggest changes that need to be made while keeping your needs and budget in mind. Professionally staging your home can create a "must see" property buyers imagine themselves living in and significantly shorten the length of time listed.

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