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An unused sitting area off the main entry seemed like wasted space in this lingering listing. The adjoining living room in this 3,000 square foot home had lovely vaulted ceilings. However, the living room presented a challenging layout and outdated fireplace.


We began by removing the unit surrounding the TV to modernized and lighten up the room. Bright greenery and better-scaled mantle accessories lifted the dated fireplace. Using glass coffee and side tables added function and lightness to space.


Next, I advised the homeowner to add hardwood to help unify the multiple floorings in the living area and help their home stand above the competition. Many other homes selling in the area had hardwood floors while this home had oddly placed rugs on top of the wall-to-wall carpeting, in addition to faded areas of carpet and outlets in the floor.  

S T A G E   T O   S E L L


An unused sitting room was reclaimed to show off square footage

I believe that the updates and your advice about de-cluttering and staging were definitely instrumental in making our house more desirable. Your work is phenomenal!

Linda, Real Estate Staging Client

Then I incorporated the front sitting area into the living room to create a larger, more open living space. To do so, we moved two chairs positioned between the rooms with their backs facing the front door. Their positioning stopped the flow and created a smaller looking living room.


Last, we relocated the plant behind the upstairs railing next to the downstairs window. Initially, it grabbed our attention away from the living space.


After multiple attempts to sell, once staged by A Peaceful Home, this sought-after dwelling had a contract in 5 days!


In this home we also staged: the front entry, dining room, multiple bathrooms, laundry room, closets, kitchen, pantry, laundry, office/loft spaces, bedrooms, and breakfast room.

Seeking well-designed spaces that are bright, warm, and welcoming? When you want to pull your space together beautifully + functionally we offer interior styling and home staging services. Whether you need to ready your home into a smartly appointed, sought-after property or a neatly arranged, stylish home for yourself, A Peaceful Home makes it all come together.




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H O M E   S T A G I N G   +   S T Y L I N G

Our Home Staging Expert® looks at your home through the buyer’s eyes and develops strategies for mass appeal. We focus on solutions to help your home appeal to potential buyers, potentially shortening the time to sell and boosting your selling price.


We transform homes into desirable properties:

Make your rooms more spacious

Showcase features and positives

Detract from negatives

Create good flow from room to room

Neutralize, depersonalize and declutter

Enhance curb appeal


i n t e r i o r   s t y l i n g

h o me   s t a g i n g

Refresh your home. Personalize your space and repurpose what you already own or add in a few key piece to complement your taste and lifestyle. By learning your personal style, vision, and which furniture and accessories are your favorite, we repurpose as needed and provide ideas and inspiration to shop for something new.


p r i c i n g  |  i n t e r i o r   s t y l i n g

Pre-paid packages & hourly pricing are good for 6 months from purchase date. 2-hour minimum per Organizing Session. Includes Stephani and her team as determined by your project. Standard organizing rate is $65/hour

Initial Assessment

10 Hour Package

16 Hour Package

30 Hour Package

$75 | 90 minutes


Our first session together to collaborate on your project. After a home tour we begin with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your current space, organizing obstacles + goals, and provide an estimate for services.








Getting started with organizing or decluttering, smaller projects like closets, the kitchen pantry, the laundry room, as well as time management or maintenance sessions.






Walk-in closets, multiple rooms, master bedroom suites, home office spaces, kitchens + pantries, organizing mail and paperwork, or setting up file systems. Our most requested  service!  





Tackling multiple rooms, downsizing, decluttering the whole house, or large organizing and styling projects to create a completed home. Hours may be added as needed to this package.






p r i c i n g  |  f u l l   s e r v i c e   s t a g i n g

Pricing for home staging is customized per client. Offerings include verbal staging consultations, real estate photoshoot preparation, and hourly or full-home staging packages with our Professional Home Staging Experts®.


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